International Mathematics & Engineering Conference


24 – 26 JULY 2019 / LVIV-UKRAINE

Pure & Applied Mathematics - Engineering Mathematics - Industrial Mathematics
Mathematics Education - Science Education - STEM Education - Engineering Education
Mathematical Physics - Biomathematics - Statistics and Data Science - Bioengineering
Photovoltaic - Photodiode - Photodetector Applications - Nuclear Energy and Energy Systems
Robotics and Control Systems - Sensors and Actuators - Computer Programing and Algorithms

Abstract/Proceeding Template

We invite you to present your research results and findings in Recent Advances in Mathematical and Engineering Sciences, 24-26 July 2019, Lviv, Ukraine. Presentation Languages are English and Turkish but Abstract/Proceedings must be in English.

Thank you for your interest to Recent Advances in Mathematical and Engineering Sciences, 24 - 26 July 2019, Lviv, Ukraine.

Please prepare your submission by using Template. Please send PDF FILE. If you want to prepare your submission by using LaTEX, please upload to system your pdf and send an e-mail to by attaching your TEX file.

Short Abstracts must not be exceed one page. Short Abstract should not contain any tables or figures. Three key words are mandatory. Acknowledgement and references are optional. But, if there is no any references in your abstract, please do not write reference.

Posters must be prepared in the size of 75 cm X 90 cm and should be read comfortably. Other details are under the author’s responsibility.